Interfacing With C

The purpose of this exercise is to write a minimalistic interface to C code.


Expected result

Question 1

Modify the functions in so that they are exported to C as float ada_cos(float) and float ada_sin(float).

Question 2

Modify the functions in compute_c/compute.c so that they call the ada_cin and ada_cos functions.

NB: If you’re not comfortable using C you can skip this question by copying the answer source from the solution directly.

Question 3

In solar_system.adb, import Compute_X and Compute_Y from the C symbols compute_x and compute_y; and use them to update the position of the bodies.

Question 4

Make it compile and run, there is a last element of surprise.

If you are stuck you can use the following tips, piecewise.

Tip: Multi-language projects are harder to build, namely the dependency tree is not automatically solved unlike Ada.

Tip 2: You are building a piece of Ada calling C calling Ada, and the compiler is lazy: it will only compile what is with

Tip 3: Since C has implicit dependencies, it never with any package. And especially the Ada_Float_Math package.