Welcome to Labs Solar System’s documentation!

This is a collection of labs based around drawing moving orbital bodies using the Mage library which is itself based on the SDL.

Run the “getting started” example

With Alire simply run

make run

After a time downloading the libraries, and compiling the example, you should see a window appearing with a red ball bouncing off the corners.

Solve the exercises

In order to work on the labs you must first start gnat studio.

make edit

On the scenario tab on the left (if it’s not there click the View menu > Scenario), choose the lab you want to work by setting the “Lab” scenario variable. Make sure that “Mode” is set to “Question”.

On the Project tab, you should then have access to the main file of the lab in question, which contains the questions.

You can compile and run using the dedicated GNAT Studio build / run menus and buttons.

Run the solved exercises

If you want to see or run the solutions, on the scenario tab select “Mode” = “Answer”. This will select a new main file, which contains a solution for each lab. Warning: After having changed the “Mode” variable, you may need to recompile the project by force, by cleaning it.

All solutions should run out of the box, if they don’t it is a bug, feel free to open a ticket.

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