Multiple Inheritance

A true Object-Oriented Solar_System

The purpose of this exercise is to rewrite the previous exercise using OOP.

Remember that privacy is still important!


Expected result

Question 1


Class diagram for Q.1 and Q.2

Create a hierarchy of interfaces as follows

  • Orbit_Ref_I as an interface implementing Get_X and Get_Y (can be used as an orbit reference)

  • Movable_I as an interface implementing a Move procedure

  • Orbiting_Body_I as an interface implementing Orbit_Ref_I and Movable_I

  • Still_Body_I as an interface implementing Orbit_Ref_I

  • Solar_System_I as an interface implementing Add_Still_Body and Add_Moving_Body procedures and Movable_I

Question 2

Create a hierarchy of tagged types as follows

  • Body_Base_T to store a position (X, Y) and implementing Orbit_Ref_I

  • Orbiting_Body_T as a concrete object extending

  • Body_Base_T to store Distance, Speed, Angle and Turns_Around and implementing Orbiting_Body_I

  • Still_Body_T as a concrete object extending Body_Base_T and implementing Still_Body_I

  • Solar_System_T as a concrete object implementing Solar_System_I able to store a vector of moving bodies and a vector of still bodies

Question 3


Class diagram for Q.3, Q.4 and Q.5

Add constructor primitives in order to create concrete types returning a pointer to the newly allocated object

  • Create_Orbiting returning an access to Orbiting_Body_T

  • Create_Still returning an access to Still_Body_T

  • Create_Solar_System returning an access to Solar_System_T

Question 4

In a specific Graphics package extend the capabilities of our object using decorator design pattern.

  • Create an interface Drawable_I implementing a Draw procedure

  • Define Visible_Body_Decorator_T as an abstract type implementing Drawable_I and Still_Body_I. This type will store graphic information.

  • Define Visible_Orbiting_Body_T extending Visible_Body_Decorator_T and implementing Movable_I

  • Define Visible_Still_Body_T extending Visible_Body_Decorator_T

  • Define Visible_Solar_System_T implementing Drawable_I and Solar_System_I

Question 5

  • Add constructor Create_Visible to Visible_Orbiting_Body_T

  • Add constructor Create_Visible to Visible_Still_Body_T

  • Add constructor Create_Visible to Visible_Solar_System_T

Question 6

Make it work ! ;)